With advanced technology and a variety of design options, along with integration into prestigious projects with the leading architects and designers in the industry, it is already clear: Vitrea is currently at the forefront of the technological front of the world of smart homes.

11/2022 | Sponsored Content: Architecture: Kafir Galatia Azoulai | Photography: Yoav Peled

Vitrea’s Glass Switches and Touch Panels Bring a Touch of Elegance to Smart Homes: Designer News 

Beyond the design news, it brought – elegant touch switches made of glass – the Israeli company is just as careful about the envelope of reliability, responsibility, and service. The development and production system is located in Israel, each project is accompanied by a project manager alongside a team of skilled and professional technicians, and the entire process is sealed by a full 5-year warranty period.

Architecture: Kafir Galatia Azoulai | Photography: Yoav Peled

Vitrea offers a wide range of smart home solutions suitable for various projects: from contractor apartments and private homes, through commercial spaces to museums and hotels.

In all of them, the goal is the same: to connect and control the various interior spaces with elegance and at the same time also with simplicity and comfort. One of the outstanding advantages of the company is the development and production set-up located in Israel, prepared for any requirement or request arising from the needs of the project, and which enables immediate delivery of any scope, regardless of the inventory of an external manufacturer. Vitrea is also a leader in its field in the global market and has offices and distributors in the USA, South America, Europe, India, and the United Arab Emirates. Because of this, the standard set by the company is high: all products are manufactured from the highest quality raw materials and meet the strictest Israeli, American, and European standards.

Vitrea’s smart home solutions include a wireless smart home system, a wired system, a dedicated system for hotels and residential buildings, glass touch switches, and designed frames for the electrical outlets to create perfect harmony.

All the systems can also be operated remotely using an application developed by the company and control at any given moment and from anywhere all the systems of the house: lighting, blinds and curtains, air conditioning systems, underfloor heating, electric boiler or furnaces. In addition, all systems allow integration with third-party systems such as alarm, audio, and video, and enable activation through voice commands of systems such as Siri or Alexa.

Interior design: Moran Gozali Photo: Roslan Powell

Interior design: Yonatan Schneider Photography: Uzi Porat

In terms of design, Vitrea presents a variety of elegant glass switches of various types, all of which have a five-year warranty: thermostats for air conditioning/underfloor heating, ignition switches for different areas, doorbell switches, electric heater switches, socket frames, and more.

In all of them, the attention to a wide selection of design options is evident, in order to create a perfect fit for each project. You can choose the color, and the finish (matte/glossy), add a personal inscription and icons, or choose a switch with a metal frame, or without. The switches can be installed vertically or horizontally. You can choose an installation flush with the wall (using special adapters), or alternatively choose a floating mirror (using a standard installation in 3 and 4 place boxes).

The biggest change Vitrea knows how to produce is an extraordinary living experience, of a house that works for us automatically 24/7.

Imagine this: you get into the car and click on the “entry” scenario in the application. By the time you arrive, the house is lit, ventilated, and air-conditioned at exactly the temperature you like. And even the music can already play in the background! You can create different scenarios for any purpose: entry and exit scenarios, “vacation” scenario, “romantic” scenario, “Saturday” scenario, and more.

Architecture: Kafir Galatia Azoulai | Photography: Moshi Gitlis

Architecture: Ofer Segas Photography: Oded Smeder

In an age where we manage almost every aspect of our lives via mobile, it is only necessary to be able to control our home as well, with a simple and convenient click, from anywhere.

With Vitrea’s smart home systems, we have no doubt that we will see more and more homes that are not only designed, but also smart and advanced and enable a living experience that surpasses all imagination.