A significant part of improving the infrastructure system in urban renewal and high-density construction projects is also to upgrade the residential experience and adapt it to the technological innovation that exists today. We sat down with Guy Ross, a sales manager at Vitrea who specializes in projects of this kind, for a short interview. Entrepreneur? Contractor? Don’t miss the tip at the end of >> post


Guy, give us some information about these kinds of projects:

“In recent years, we have seen a growing trend of urban renewal projects, mainly “evacuation-construction” processes in areas of cities where construction is already old and in need of renewal and improvement. At the same time, high-density construction projects are also increasing in order to maximize the land area. In both types, the main goal is, of course, to improve and upgrade the infrastructure system and environmental visibility, but a significant part is also the matter of upgrading the residential experience and adapting it to the technological innovation that exists today: the leading developers in the field have already realized that the project’s level of desirableness jumps as soon as they introduce a smart home system to the apartment’s specifications, and this is where Vitrea enters the picture.”

How do these projects differ from a “regular” house or apartment in terms of Vitrea?

“The difference is in the characterization of the project. When I say characterization, I mean to optimize the electrical plans: when we receive the plans from the architect/designer, we go through all the switches, and decide which switch activates which electrical system: interior and exterior lighting, blinds, dimmers, kitchen lighting, air conditioning, electric water heater, etc. The goal is actually to create a situation in which as few switches as possible operate in the same space, but activate as many systems as possible. In high-density construction projects, we will characterize once – the same characterization as 200 housing units, while in urban renewal projects, the characterization will be carried out separately for each apartment customized for the residents.”

Allenby 99-110 Tel Aviv | About 100 Apartments | Entrepreneur: Nitzan Group | Contractor: Electra | Vitrea Smart Home System: VTouch Pro

Which smart home systems are suitable for these projects?

“We will usually choose VTouch Pro – our complete wireless smart home system: it provides all the benefits of a typical smart home system, but wirelessly without the need for wasteful infrastructure, complicated renovations or outdated electrical panels. With VTouch Pro, tenants can easily control all home systems through our app, and even set predefined scenarios at a frequency that suits them.”

What are the advantages of Vitrea vis-à-vis other suppliers in urban renewal or high-density construction projects?

“Beyond the advantages of using the highest quality and most advanced components, system reliability and the 5-year warranty we provide, there are also other advantages that are specific to projects of this type: in urban renewal we provide a solution for interfacing with different types of cylinders (in some cities this is very much in demand), solutions for dimmers and thermostats – just like for a private customer. Since the characterization is done individually for each apartment in the project, the specifications are richer and this allows the developer and contractor to provide the customer with a premium product. In high-density construction projects, we have a huge advantage that relies on our development and production system located in Israel – we are able to provide a response to any need – electric or design – that arises from the field, to produce and supply a large stock of switches for a project of hundreds of apartments, without being dependent on external suppliers and waiting for delivery times.”

The White Colony, Pardes Hanna | About 110 cottages | Promoter: Almog Worthwhile | Vitrea Smart Home System: VTouch Pro

Hadar 46-48 Herzliya | About 60 Standard Apartments | Promoter: Rinovo | Vitrea Smart Home System: VTouch Pro

What specifications does Vitrea give in these projects?

“We usually provide a smart home system for the public space. If a customer wants tenant changes, characterization is done separately.”

And finally, share with us a tip for a developer / contractor who wants to introduce a smart home system to the specifications of the apartments in the project:

“The earlier we enter the project, the more costs are saved: we meet at an early stage with the electricity consultant, mark the power points with him, and in many cases create a consolidation of electricity points using the switches (in large numbers this is very significant), so we actually create savings for the developer and the contractor.”


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