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The VHotel Smart System has been meticulously designed to suit the needs of the modern hotel. Whether a hotel is newly built or undergoing a renovation, Vitrea’s system provides an all-in-one solution that includes elegant glass touch digital switches, automatic thermostat control, DND/MUR scenarios, one-touch pre-set atmosphere scenarios for guest rooms and a unique room attendance occupancy algorithm that enables reliable quality control and energy management of each room and the entire hotel.
First Impressions with Luxurious Innovations
Maximum Flexibility for Diverse Projects
The exquisitely designed glass switches create an atmosphere of luxury and prestige from the very first touch. Your hotel guests will be captivated from the moment they enter the room, taking in the attention to detail and the incorporation of user-friendly technology. Vitrea’s VHotel system will guarantee that your guests’ first impressions are that of uniqueness, technological innovation, and prestige, all of which will create a lasting memory.

Whether it’s a new hotel with hundreds of rooms in the planning stages or a boutique hotel undergoing a renovation, Vitrea systems offer flexibility and the technology needed to meet the demands of any project according to the available infrastructure while incorporating the stellar design elements, intuitive capabilities, and reliability that Vitrea is known for. We are constantly developing new innovative wired and wireless solutions so that any project, regardless of its requirements or budget, can incorporate a system that is perfectly suited to its needs.
The Touch
Distinguishing Details
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    Scenarios and Atmosphere
    Whether it’s a romantic scenario that allows for soft lighting and closed blinds or a refreshing morning scenario that opens the balcony curtains to let the sunshine in, your guests will be enchanted with our easy-to-use system. We rely on our extensive experience and know-how to adapt the system to the different and changing needs of every project, making yours just as unique as your vision.
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    Full Command and Control
    With the help of Vitrea’s management system and DND/MUR notices, the hotel can plan to shut off lights according to the requests of your guest or the reception desk with simplicity, convenience, and efficiency. When guests check in the room we'll greet them with cool air, open blinds, and soft lighting.
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    Green Hotels
    The system is extremely flexible and has a built-in sophisticated occupancy algorithm that, with the help of sensors, can determine whether or not guests are actually in the room. When the system detects that the room is empty, it can activate the desired scenario such as closing the lights and other electrical elements yet turn them back on when the system senses that the guest enters the room eliminating the clumsy aspect of searching for a light switch in the dark.
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    Perfect Design for Every Space
    Vitrea offers a complete solution that includes design elements for every aspect of the hotel’s interior spaces including switches and dimmers, HVAC systems, thermostats, electrical outlets and special DND/MUR switches. Each is made from high-quality glass and installed to have a completely uniform finish.
  • - 05 -
    Easy Operations
    The operating system is user-friendly and intuitive, enabling full control over every room and every situation. The receptionist will be able to manage each room according to the requirements of the occupying guest simply and without the need for special training.
  • - 06 -
    Public Spaces
    The VHotel smart system easily integrates into public hotel areas such as the lobby, bar or restaurant and hallways or even gardens and pools on the hotel grounds. The smart lighting system can adjust the level of lighting according to the changing sunrise and sunset times or according to the hotel’s preferences for the various common spaces.
  • 01 Vitrea Showroom Herzliya, IL
  • 02 Play Hotel TLV תל אביב, ישראל
  • 03 Hotel Rothschild 22 Tel Aviv, IL
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