VTouch Pro

A Complete Wireless (Aranet) Smart Home System
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Smart homes just got smarter, simpler and affordable with VTouch Pro, the wireless future of home automation. Because of its unique ability to simply replace regular electrical switches, VTouch Pro’s innovative use of wireless technology gives you all of the benefits of a typical home automation system without the need for expensive infrastructure, renovations or complicated, wired installations.

Your home’s electrical fixtures can all be connected and managed through an app, calendar or scenario switches.
With VTouch Pro, it’s your world, your way, with a simple touch of a button.
The ARANET Advantage
An innovative technology developed by Vitrea's R&D, ARANET leverages RF MESH's unique advantages to ensure the system's reliability and independence from the size of the interior.

ARANET takes home automation to the next level. ARANET's innovative 2-way wireless communication creates a virtual spider web that is connected through each VTouch Pro switch and enables them to "talk" to each other. When the VBox Pro Controller receives a command, the data moves through the web to the specific switch it needs, at lightning fast speeds and with ultimate reliability. Easy to use and intuitive, everyone can build their lighting scenarios and control their home’s interior and exterior.

VTouch Pro switches are authentic switches, not keypads. they function 100% of the time so that you don't have to rely on the app or the main controller. This makes VTouch Pro the most stable and reliable in home automation.
V Touch Pro
Through innovative wireless technology and ease of use on your favorite mobile device or the sleek switch itself, this system offers unparalleled flexibility such as automate-at-your-convenience capabilities and easy to install switches.

Home automation can be achieved simply, stably and cost effectively, without all of the added hassles which accompany wired technology and messy infrastructure. It’s effortless extravagance.
The Touch
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    VTouch Pro seamlessly integrates with leading third-party controllers including RTI, Crestron, Somfy and more via its IP/RS-232/RS-485 connections so that you can control every element of your house, from your audio and visual systems to your home security system and everything in between. It's total connectivity.
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    With total control at your fingertips, create custom scenarios for certain times of the day with VTouch Pro’s calendar. Schedule something specific for a special occasion or daily to manage your home through ultimate convenience.
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    Near or far, home or away, VTouch Pro puts you in control 24/7. At the swipe of your fingertip, you can activate any of your preset scenarios, control your lights or blinds or schedule a new command through Vitrea's ControlPro app on your favorite mobile device.
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    VTouch Pro is the ultimate in family friendly technology. No matter the level of technological ability, everyone will be able to navigate the VTouch Pro system with ease and create their dream scenarios.
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    Because VTouch Pro switches are real switches and not keypads, they will always function through manual use simply by pressing on the designated switch. Additionally, the switches communicate with each other and the VBox Pro Controller through advanced ARANET wireless technology so you will always have connectivity in your house.
  • - 06 -
    VTouch Pro switches have been designed so that switches fit seamlessly into any existing electrical outlet, making it the perfect solution for existing home.
  • 01 Apartment in the heart of Tel Aviv Tel Aviv, Israel
  • 02 Vitrea Showroom Herzliya, IL
  • 03 The piano house
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