All-In-One, DIN-Centralized, Home Automation System
  • Complete Smart Home System
  • Darkness Detection
  • App Control
  • Connection: Wired
  • Exclusive Design
  • Voltage: 24V
Perfect for Your
The VMax solution is a complete wired smart home system which fuses the industry’s safest and most reliable technology with striking design to change the way we experience home automation. The stylishly designed VMax glass touch keypads offer every family and business the opportunity to upgrade their home or office simply, flexibly and beautifully.
VMax All-in-One Controller
The VMax All-in-One Controller is the perfect solution for adding a smart home system to your construction design in the planning phase whether if you're building a new home, business or hotel. The VMax Controller’s technology allows for seamless control of up to 16 electric fixtures including lights, blinds & shutters, dual poles, HVAC and more, meaning an easy installation by eliminating the need for costly multiple controllers and extra room on the electric board. This complete system includes software that enables it to be managed from an iOS or Android app and the ability to create a variety of scenarios that can be scheduled by using the built-in astronomic clock and timer.
The Touch
  • - 01 -
    VMax seamlessly integrates with leading third-party controllers including RTI, Crestron, Somfy and more via its IP/RS-232/RS-485 connections so that you can control every element of your house, from your audio and visual systems to your home security system and everything in between. It's totally connectivity.
  • - 02 -
    You can create your own scenarios allowing you to set the perfect mood for any time of the day, from morning to night. Through Vitrea's app, you can even set specific scenarios for daily use with the built-in calendar and astronomical clock.
  • - 03 -
    From the palm of your hand, the VMax All-in-One Controller gives you ultimate authority. Activate one of your favorite scenarios, create a new one or control one of your third party systems from the comfort of your couch or while relaxing on vacation.
  • - 04 -
    Controlling your home or business has never been easier. From creating custom scenarios to just giving one command, the system is easy to use and even those who are not tech-savvy will feel comfortable it in minutes.
  • - 05 -
    Made only from premium quality components to ensure reliability and stability, VMax controllers meet all international regulatory safety and quality standards and are in compliance with international installation and usage requirements.
  • - 06 -
    The VMax All-in-One Controller is far easier to install than other competing systems. Programming and configuring your system can be done in a matter of minutes to create a variety of scenarios for the everyday and special occasions.
  • 01 Vitrea Showroom Herzliya, IL
  • 02 Play Hotel TLV תל אביב, ישראל
  • 03 Kamhi Lighting Show Room Bnei Barak, IL
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