The multitude of systems and elements that characterize today’s projects led the designer Pninit Sharet Azulay to choose a wireless smart home system. In an interview on our blog, she talks about the old-fashioned house in Ramat Hasharon that received a redesign that connects the interior to the exterior, and also a smart home system that allows simple and convenient daily use of all functions.


Tell us about the nature of the project in terms of scope, concept, design style, material choices, and more.

“This is an old-fashioned private house in Ramat Hasharon that has been completely renovated. The design concept was a maximum connection between the inside and the outside, so large showcases were opened throughout the perimeter of the house in order to create a connection of the public space on the ground floor, to the wonderful yard that surrounds the house. Natural materials were chosen for the interior design of the space on a tight monochromatic scale: black Belgian showcases, natural wood fishbone parquet, a white kitchen, and a huge black iron bookcase.”

Interior design: Pninit Sharet Azulay | Photography: Photography: Itay Benit Smart Home system: VTouch Pro

At what stage of the project was it decided to go for a smart home, and what did that require of you at the level of planning the electrical plans?

“Already in the early stages of the project, it was decided to make a smart home house. Therefore, in coordination with Vitrea’s consultants, we incorporated into the lighting plans of the house smart lighting planning in a way that reduced the number of switches in the space, and also defined and associated the lighting circuits in the most optimal way.”

Why a smart home? What is its added value to everyday life and living experience in your eyes as a designer?

“A smart home makes my planning accessible as a designer. Today, projects have a multitude of systems and elements in each space – lighting, blinds, shades, curtains, thermostats for the air conditioner, thermostats for underfloor heating, an electric heater, and more. All of these are activated by separate switches. The smart home system also centralizes all these functions into a smaller amount of switches, and also makes the multitude of functions accessible to the customer, and basically allows him simple and convenient daily use, so that he can enjoy with one push of a button all the different and many systems designed for him.”

Interior design: Pninit Sharet Azulay | Photography: Photography: Itay Benit  Smart Home system: VTouch Pro

Interior design: Pninit Sharet Azulay | Photography: Photography: Itay Benit  Smart Home system: VTouch Pro

What are the reasons you chose Vitrea’s smart solutions?

“In my experience, the implementation of Vitrea’s wireless smart home system is simple and easy. There is no need for cumbersome infrastructure, no need for large electrical cabinets, and therefore it is very suitable, in my opinion, for renovation projects because the system “dresses” on the existing electrical infrastructure. In addition, I love the clean and elegant design of Vitrea’s circuit breakers, which for me complements the design language of my homes. And beyond that, I love the people in this company, the interaction with them, and the complete package I receive from the company – starting with the planning and characterization processes of the project, through the accompaniment and supervision In front of the electrician in the field, and up to their real-time response to the dynamic conduct of each project.”

Interior design: Pninit Sharet Azulay | Photography: Photography: Itay Benit  Smart Home system: VTouch Pro

What is the most useful scenario in the family home? The one that most improves their experience of living at home?

With Vitrea’s smart home systems, we have no doubt that we will see more and more homes that are not only designed, but also smart and advanced and enable a living experience that surpasses all imagination.

Interior design: Pninit Sharet Azulay | Photography: Photography: Itay Benit  Smart Home system: VTouch Pro

Finally, share with us your tips for planning a smart home:

“I recommend taking into account that these are panels that are capable of concentrating many elements within them, and therefore their location must be planned in a smart and efficient way so that it will make it possible to get the most out of the design of the house and create an extraordinary living experience.”