At ICFF: The Vitrea VTouch Pro Series Glass Switches

The Vitrea VTouch Pro series of wireless glass switches, shown at ICFF in New York City at the Javits Center last week by Amir Seluk, gives homeowners the benefits of an automation system without needing to alter the infrastructure of the home.

A swipe of the finger controls lighting or blinds or can arm a security system or control HVAC settings, and the system is manageable from a distance using a smartphone app.

The company’s switches function through the VBox Pro Controller using ARANET RF mesh wireless technology, which enables them to communicate with each other over short distances.

The glass panels’ look can be customized by mounting them horizontally or vertically. Designs may also be superimposed on the switches via digital printing, and there is flexibility in color choice and in the choice of engraved words or symbols on the switches to represent each control option.

Another feature of the VTouch Pro system is that it is modular, so the homeowner can install switches at his own pace, outfitting one or two rooms at a time and adding more switches at later dates in other rooms.

Vitrea also says VTouch Pro switches seamlessly integrate with installed security systems and with A/V systems through third-party controllers such as RTI, Crestron and Bitwise.


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