It’s already clear: whether it’s a new hotel, an intimate resort or a luxury resort: in the third decade of the millennium, it is only necessary that the hospitality experience be updated and advanced, one that goes hand in hand with the trends of technological innovation, automation and control that exist in every other aspect of our lives. In other words: planning a hotel? It better be smart too.

Smart hotel with VHotel system developed specifically for hotels.

Smart hotel: what does it mean?

Imagine this: while your client checks in at the front desk, his room automatically prepares for him: the lights come on, the balcony curtain opens, and the air conditioning is already on. The hospitality experience begins with the opening of the door, continues with easy and intuitive use of scenarios embedded in the touch switches, and culminates with the press of the cleaning button informing the front desk that a maid must be sent.

If once we were satisfied with meticulous design, today design alone is not enough, and we are required to create an exceptional hospitality experience: entering the room with the right scenario, and the options for creating situations suitable for the vacation style and the target audience – a romantic scenario that allows dim lighting with a simple touch click, a refreshing morning scenario that will open the balcony curtain and ventilate the room, or a “Shabbat” mode that activates all systems automatically and in perfect synchronization with Shabbat times.

Smart PLAY Midtown Tel Aviv | Architecture: Dana Oberson | Photo: Amit Geron | VHotel System

Get to know VHotel

A unique smart home system developed specifically for hotels and carefully designed to adapt to the unique needs of accommodations. Whether it is a hotel with hundreds of rooms in the planning stage, or a boutique hotel under renovation – with the help of advanced technological capabilities and planning flexibility, we will be able to provide the required response according to the infrastructure that the project allows, the design concept, the target audience and the style of hospitality.

The system includes an interface of digital switches (glass designed touch switches), a thermostat for air conditioning, occupied/vacant scenarios, creation of atmosphere scenarios, and a unique algorithm for identifying presence in the room. With VHotelyou can make your guests’ stay more luxurious, impressive, and comfortable than ever before.

Smart PLAY Midtown Tel Aviv | Architecture: Dana Oberson | Photo: Amit Geron | VHotel System

Smart PLAY Midtown Tel Aviv | Architecture: Dana Oberson | Photo: Amit Geron | VHotel System

Main advantages of VHotel

  • Creating guest atmosphere scenarios – In hotels, the entry scenario is the most important. It allows us to influence the customer’s first impression, his feeling in the space, and the maximum comfort we want him to feel. In addition to the entry scenario, we can create different scenarios and situations: romantic, morning, exit, Saturday and more.
  • Command and control of all electrical systems – with the VHotel system you can fully control every circuit breaker and circuit breaker in every room. You can plan in advance the switching on and off times of each area of the room according to the requirements of the guest or the front desk simply, conveniently and efficiently.
  • Saving electricity and energy – when the hotel is smart, it is necessarily also more economical. Using the unique algorithm we developed, we can verify whether or not there is a presence in the room and then perform a desired scenario (for example: a general shutdown). In addition, we can also limit the power and temperature of the air conditioning thermostat according to the needs of the hotel and without compromising the guest experience.
  • Uniform and harmonious design in accordance with the hotel concept – when all the accessories are uniformly designed and in accordance with the hotel concept, you get a hotel with a harmonious look that transmits an updated and elegant look. All the design options for the switches are waiting here.
  • Ease of operation – The VHotel system is user-friendly and intuitive: both for the guest and for the interface operators from the hotel side.
  • Integration into the public areas of the hotel – the VHotel system can also be integrated into public areas such as the lobby, bar and corridors or alternatively outdoors, gardens, pool and more.

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