Where do you start planning a smart home? Are preparations required for smart switches? And what happens if there is no Internet? We’ve compiled the 12 most common questions we hear from anyone interested in our smart home systems | Planning a smart home? This post is just for you.



1. “Can I install a smart home system in an existing home”?

This is perhaps the question we get asked the most. So the answer is definitely yes. We manufacture several types of smart home systems designed for different types of projects. The most popular of these is our full wireless smart home system (VTouch Pro), which can also fit an existing (currently unsmart) home. A wireless smart home system basically “sits” on the existing electrical infrastructure in your home and does not require complex renovations, new electrical panels or advance planning. Simply replace your existing switches with smart touch switches and start enjoying a smart and advanced home.

2. “Where do you start planning a smart home? Is it possible without a designer/architect?”

In principle, it is always better to come to us with electrical plans from an interior designer/architect. The plans actually reflect your needs and desires in the most orderly way possible. Based on these plans, we will characterize and match you with the most suitable system for the project. Don’t have electrical plans? Do you do renovations and stay with the existing infrastructure? No problem! Contact us and we will issue you a quantity report after a tour of the field.

3. “And if there is a power outage”?

How many times have we heard this 🙂 question, so here’s an opportunity to mention: When there’s a power outage, even a system that isn’t smart doesn’t work.

4. “What happens if there is no Internet”?

The system works independently and will continue to operate, including scenarios and manual activation of the switches. The internet connection is only for the connection between the system and our application, so in case there is an internet fault the only thing that will not work is the connection to the application.

Smart Home | Architecture and Design: Kfir Galatia Azoulay KOT | Photo: Yoav Peled | System: VTouch Pro

5. “Can you only do a smart home in part of the house”?

This is possible if you choose the VTouch Pro system, which allows adding additional areas in the house even after the system has been installed only in a certain area.

6. “Are special preparations required for smart switches”?

Our glass touch switches requires a floating or flush mount.

7. “Do you need a lot of controllers when choosing a wireless smart home system for a big house”?

No, the VTouch Pro system is two-way wireless and creates a virtual “spider miner” network that connects all VTouch Pro switches with each other and allows them to “talk” to each other. Once the VBox Pro controller receives a command, it sends the information over the network to the designated circuit breaker at maximum speed and reliability.

Smart Home | Architecture and Design: Benjamin Attlee | Photo: Oded Smadar | System: VTouch Pro

8. “Does the wireless system work on Wifi”?

Not. The system operates using the advanced ARANET technology created by Vitrea’s R&D department. The system leverages the advantages of the RF MESH method and ensures stability and reliability when it comes to wireless electricity, without the need for Wifi except remote control via the app.

9. “The system is suitable for holiday observants”?

Absolutely. The system operates on holidays automatically and without human intervention. Since our system also has an astronomical clock, it makes it possible to create a “vacation” scenario that synchronizes with holiday entry and exit times that change over time.

10. “Can the switches be matched to the color of the wall”?

Undoubtedly. We print the glass custom-made for each customer, allowing you to choose the desired color, favorite image, or even a matching print for wallpaper or wood paneling.

11. “How long is the warranty on the system”?

We give 5 years warranty on Vitrea products from the date of delivery of the products. The service is provided by a customer service division that provides our customers with fast and convenient service.

12. “Where are Vitrea products made”?

Vitrea is an Israeli company that manufactures in Israel and supplies its technology to many markets in Israel and abroad worldwide.